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Help Us to develop Our Local Communities

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Support Early-Childhood Development

Henna Pre-school

Lion Sands Game Reserve

Henna Preschool is located in Huntington Village and supports 150 children between the ages of 2 and 5

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Jabez Pre-school

Lion Sands Game Reserve

Jabez Preschool is located in the village of Justicia B, and supports 15 children between 2 and 5

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Itekeng Basha Creche

Madikwe Game Reserve

Located in the Obakeng Village in the North West Province, Itekeng Basha Creche supports 35 local children

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Heuningsvley Primary School

Marataba South Africa

Heuningvley Primary School supports 200 children between the ages of 7 and 17 from local communities

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Masuwe Primary School

Stanley & Livingstone, Victoria Falls

Masuwe Primary School is in the heart of rural Vic Falls, Zimbabwe and educates over 200 children

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Injongo Creche

Cape Cadogan Boutique Hotel & More Quarters, Cape Town

Injongo Creche is located in Cape Town's Mfuleni township and supports 85 children at present

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Our Goals

ZAR to be raised for 2020


Early-Childhood Development Teacher's Training

Sponsoring of teacher's ECD Tertiary Qualifications - without teachers, there is no education

Enterprise Development

Assist a small Enterprise in the local community to enable business owners to support their families

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Local Community Statistics

% unemployment rate
% of household have piped water on their property


Clean running water for our communities

By installing sustainably managed, solar powered boreholes into rural villages giving community members access to clean water. One borehole can supply between 200 and a 1000 people!

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Get Your Hands Dirty project status

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Over the years, More Community Trust (MCT) has built close relationships with our local communities, and guests are invited to visit. This gives them the opportunity to experience a different – and humbling – way of living; visit culturally- and historically- significant sites; and connect with local people, while positively impacting their lives with the funds raised from these tours.

Guests of Lion Sands Game Reserve travel to the local village of Huntington to visit MCT’s projects there, including pre- and primary schools. Here, guests get to engage with the children, and learn about rural life and its everyday challenges.

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